Fun in & on the water

Friday, February 22, 2019


Paddleboarding ( or SUP Stand Up Paddleboarding) is an exciting alternative for water lovers who are looking for a new thrill which combines both canoeing & surfing skills & is becoming increasingly popular.Led by highly qualified and experienced instructors it is a unique way to discover the delights of the coastline of the English Riviera. Propel yourself on a large board in the water using the paddle to steer enabling you to journey along & play in the water in a fun way. You can surf the small waves, observe the local wildlife and do some rock hopping.


Kayaking in the English Riviera is in the Tor Bay described as "heaven" for those who love the sport.Kayaks can come in a variety of sizes and is a low to the water canoe-like boat.It is distinguished from canoeing by the sitting position of the paddler and the number of blades on the paddle. Exploring Tor Bays coastline by kayak offers an opportunity to see coastal features that many are unaware of, along with the Bays more elusive species such as seals, porpoises & dolphins whose natural inquisitiveness can bring them up to close proximity.


Coasteering enables you to experience the coastline at close quarters.A thrilling experience involving rock hopping, shore scrambling, cave exploring and cliff jumping adventure.A defining factor of coasteering is the opportunity provided by the marine geology for moving in the “impact zone” where water, waves, rocks, gullies, caves etc., come together to provide a very high energy environment. Now an increasingly popular & thriving activity the term coasteering appears first to have been used in 1973. In the book Sea Cliff Climbing, John Cleare and Robin Collomb said "A few enthusiasts believe that coasteering will become popular and has a big future".

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